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What will your products give me?

Regularly scheduled maintenance checks with our specialists will ensure your vehicle stays road worthy for years and miles to come.


Our team is dedicated to offering you the best possible, convenient care for your Honda or Acura. We cut no corners when it comes to maintaining your cars top condition, which is why we offer a 1-year or 12,000-mile warranty.


Save more without sacrificing quality

If you've ever dealt with a car dealership before, you know that it can cost you a small fortune. We never pressure you for unnecessary repairs as our integrity is our pledge.


In order to ensure you’re getting quality and affordable service for your Honda or Acura, we will always beat any dealer-advertised price or coupon by 20%. When it is time for your maintenance visit, bring us the coupon and we'll add big savings to the total cost of service.

Extend the life of your Honda or Acura  

Schedule your maintenance checks with our expert team

30, 60, 90, and 120K mile maintenance

• Test drive your vehicle to identify abnormalities  

• Replace transmission fluid

• Inspect ball joints and tie rod ends

• Inspect cooling system hoses and drive belts  

• Inspect turn signals and reverse lights    

• Inspect steering mechanism    

• Rotate tires  

• Perform battery test

• Check all fluids  

• Replace engine drain bolt crush washer

• Inspect front and rear suspension

• Drain, refill, and bleed hydraulic brake system

• Inspect headlights and tail lights

• Change motor oil and filter  

• Check for leaks  

• Check wheel cylinders

• Inspect front and rear brakes

• Inspect and adjust valves

• Replace engine air filter  

• Check and adjust tire pressure

• Clean and apply battery protectant

• Wash engine compartment

• Inspect shock

• Replace air conditioning cabin air filter

• Add windshield washer tablet

• Perform coolant exchange (when required)

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